Waterbased Printing

At A Glance


+  Softer print
+  More eco-friendly than conventional plastisol ink
+  Very breathable
 Print will never crack or break down
+  No underbase needed


 Color brightness is slightly reduced
  Some garments reactions are unpredictable when using waterbased inks
 Color accuracy is not exact

Get the softest shirts you've ever felt with waterbased printing.

Waterbased printing features inks that are soft, breathable and able to soak into the fabric of the garment, rather than sitting on top like conventional plastisol inks. When printed correctly, they result in crisp, bright prints that you cannot feel to the touch. Since waterbased inks become part of the fabric, the print feels as soft as the shirt it’s printed on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between using conventional plastisol ink and waterbased ink?

Conventional plastisol ink and waterbased ink systems differ in various ways.  The most noticeable is that waterbased screen printing has a much softer feel on the printed garment.  This is known as a “soft hand” and is due to the way waterbased inks soak into the fibers.  In contrast, plastisol ink forms a cured print layer on the surface of the garment.  Both inks have great durability and longevity when properly printed and cured.

Can waterbased ink be printed on dark garments?

Absolutely. When waterbase inks are printed on dark garments we typically call this Discharge Printing, since we need an extra element to bleach the original color out of the shirt before printing the super soft waterbase ink. However, we can also print straight Waterbase onto dark garments in order to achieve a faded/vintage effect or a tonal effect.

Is using waterbased ink more expensive?

Because of the specialized production process of using waterbased inks, choosing this print method may be more expensive in some cases.  For help with pricing and other details, please contact one of our account representatives by clicking one of the buttons below.  We are happy to provide pricing as well as offer design guidance to make sure that using waterbased inks is the best print option for you.

Are there specific care instructions for waterbased ink?

Because of the nature of waterbased inks it is recommended that you wash your new garment when initally recieving it. After that inital wash, no specific additional care is needed. Just follow manufacturer garment care guidelines.