Puff Ink

At A Glance


+  Adds a raised visual appeal to the artwork
+  Durable
+  Gives the artwork a interesting tactile feel
 Can be applied to entire design or to accentuate specific details in the artwork


  Hard to retain fine details due to ink expanding
  Inside of garment may pucker causing an unpleasant feel when printed on thinner garments
  Difficult to match specific pantone colors

Add real dimension to your design with puff ink.

Puff ink is a screen printing ink additive that once heat is applied to the ink, it slightly raises from the t-shirt like a freshly baked loaf of bread. When designing a shirt you have more options than just art and color – you can also add depth to that list. Puff ink creates a whole new dimension to a t-shirt and is a great way to add some depth and texture to your design.
GIF of puff examples.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can puff be used on any color garment and/or ink?

Absolutely! Since puff is an additive, it can added to any color ink and there are very few garment limitations when it comes to printing with puff inks.

Will adding the puff additive make my overall project cost more?

Because of the specialized production process of using puff additives in screen printing and custom mixing the ink, choosing this print method may be more expensive in some cases. For help with pricing and other details, please contact one of our account representatives by clicking one of the buttons below. We are happy to provide pricing as well as offer design guidance to help you choose which print option is best for your project.

Are there specific care instructions for puff ink?

Puff ink is durable enough to last through the wash but can be more prone to cracking. The best way to prevent this is to wash the garment inside out and hang to dry. And of course, always follow all manufacturer recommended care instructions.