Gel Printing

At A Glance


+  Adds vibrant shine to artwork
+  Very durable
+  Magnifies and enhances colors
 Gives your design a raised. tactile feel
+  Can be added to entire design or to accentuate specific details of your artwork


 Makes print thicker to the touch
  Hard to retain fine details
  Gives your garment an overall heavier feel

Add dynamic pop to your artwork with gel printing.

Gel printing adds a layer of “high density” gel on top of your screen printed t-shirt or garment creating an amazing, decorative 3-D looking coating that really makes the printed image stand out. Gel printing gives your garments a shiny plastic-like coating that will wear for many years. Great for numbers on jerseys or cheer/dance uniforms, this upgrade can really bring your design to life under the lights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the production process for gel printing?

When you design your gel printed item, the process begins similarly to our traditional technique. After the conventional plastisol inks are printed, a high-density clear ink is added on top of the ink design. This added layer gives the design a wet quality, a bit like a raindrop sitting on top of the fabric.

Can gel inks be used with any color garment and ink?

Absolutely. Since this stage is added after the initial design, the high-density clear ink can be applied to any color ink or fabric.  

Will adding gel printing to my design increase the turnaround time of my order?

Not usually. Since the gel ink is applied at the time of screen printing, your order should have the same turnaround time as regular screen printed projects. At the time of placing your order, consult with your sales representative to get the most accurate turnaround time information.

Are there specific care instructions for garments with gel printing?

No. Gel inks are very durable so no specific additional care is needed. Just follow manufacturer care guidelines stated on the garment itself.