Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Case Study:

Who is Fellowship of Christian Athletes?

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a worldwide ministry with a brand most Christian athletes in the United States recognize.

FCA's Challenges

In 2001, FCA had a brand people wanted to wear, but they were losing money in their efforts to develop, market, and distribute branded merchandise in-house.

FCA staff members, coaches, and athletes across the country were ordering their own products decorated with FCA trademarks without approval.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes knew they had a brand people wanted to wear, but at the time it was both a financial and a logistical burden.
They desired to expand their merchandising potential, but they were struggling to protect and maintain their brand image.


Ink has been a trusted partner with the FCA for many years. They have provided industry leading apparel and products that have helped us grow our global brand. Their customer service and support are unmatched. This team is committed to putting their customers first while providing the expertise needed to produce amazing products, fulfillment processes, and support.

Jeff Martin

Executive Director of Ministry Advancement

Ink’s Position

Since 1988, Ink had been working with organizations to design and print retail quality t-shirts. When we heard about this opportunity with FCA in 2001, we quickly discovered it was a breakthrough opportunity. We had helped many organizations create a great looking product, but never had we worked on such a comprehensive merchandise solution.

Making a Plan

Ink developed a comprehensive merchandise branding solution which included designing, developing, marketing, and warehousing all FCA’s branded products. This included developing two online stores — one for their expanding Summer Camp program, and one for FCA’s growing high school Huddle program. FCA and Ink worked together to establish a royalty percentage to be paid to FCA in exchange for products sold.

Measuring Success

Before Ink, FCA sold around $500,000 per year in merchandise, but still struggled to make money. This year, over $2,000,000 in FCA products will be sold to staff, coaches, and athletes across the country and the world. Ink is proud to have partnered with FCA to provide a winning merchandise solution for their ever-growing organization.

Years of Partnership

Shirts Printed Since 2017

Products Shipped Since 2017


FCA Merchandise Sales Growth